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Foot care products

Dr. Kevin J O'Brien's offices in Kingman and Lake Havasu City carry products to help you care for your feet. See if there is something that might help with your foot care.

Ortho-Nesic Pain Relieving Gel: topical gel applied three to four times daily to relieve soft tissue pain

NeuraVite: Oral tablet that is a combination of vitamins to support the healthy function of nerves. The ingredients have been clinically demonstrated to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy from many causes

Clean Sweep Shoe Spray: Spray directly into shoe wear to eliminate odors

FungiFoam: Topical cream treats rashes such as athlete’s foot and ring worm

Formula3 Nail Antifungal: Applied directly to the nail once daily to treat fungal infection

Amerigel Post Op Surgical Kit: Combination of wound dressings, wound gel, and wound cleaning spray to treat wounds and prevent infections                            

Amerigel Wound Dressing: Dressings to be applied directly to wounds and ulcerations              

Amerigel Wound Gel: Topical gel applied to wounds and ulcerations to prevent or treat infections and promote healing                                                  

Kamea Foot Cream: Topical cream treats dry and cracking skin.  

Sweat Stop: Tablets dissolve in warm water. Feet are soaked for ten minutes. Used to decrease or eliminate foot sweat.

Pumice Stone and Brush Combo: Used to scrub feet and remove dry skin and calluses

Redi-thotics Foot Inserts: over-the-counter foot supports. Fit in all types of shoe gear.

Myonesic Muscle Relaxant: For tension, stress, and/or muscle spasms. Two tablets taken as needed.

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Ortho-Nesic Pain Relieving Gel

“I had developed plantar fasciitis... which causes pain under the heel when you walk. While waiting to see Dr. O'Brien I listened to a video he had playing in the waiting room about MLS laser treatments. After only one treatment, the discomfort was at least half gone or more. It is painless and easy! Thank you for providing this service Dr. O'Brien. And thank you to Marcy too!!”


– Pamela H. from facebook

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NeuraVite 30 count

NeuraVite 60 count

Clean Sweep Shoe Spray


Formula3 Nail Antifungal

Clean Sweep and FungiFoam

Clean Sweep and Formula3

Amerigel Post Op Surgical Kit

Amerigel Wound Dressing

Amerigel Wound Gel

Kamea Foot Cream

Sweat Stop 30 count

Pumice Stone and Brush Combo

Redi-thotics Foot Inserts

Myonesic Muscle Relaxant 30 count

Surgical Shoe